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Welcome to the Karaoke with Dion web site! We provide DJ and Karaoke entertainment for your next get together! We provide entertainment services for pubs, clubs, parties and get-togethers of all types. For more information on booking an event give us a call or email us today.

Here's what Karaoke with Dion has to offer you:


Dion has over 25 years of experience in Karaoke and DJ entertainment! Bar owners say they love the way he keeps the crowd hopping and always seems to know what kind of music to play. Bartenders and servers say they earn more tips and serve more drinks when Dion does the show. Singers say they sound the best on Dion's Karaoke system and they can't believe the selection of songs that he has for them to choose from.


Karaoke with Dion has a professional system specifically built for karaoke, not just a DJ system with a karaoke player added. It is the best sounding karaoke system that you will ever hear. We have a HUGE song selection and we have recently made the move to an online system so the song selection is seemingly endless and completely up to date! Your customers will be impressed that they can sing the songs that are on the radio TODAY, as well as the "oldies" that everybody loves!


We publish our schedule here on our web site and make regular Facebook posts about where we are at so our followers will know when we are going to be at your venue. Upon request, we can also provide you with flyers that you can hang in your bar or around your town to advertise your karaoke date. Call us today!

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